VaasaEMG, one of the partners of Vaasa Energy Institute, is involved in an outstanding, innovative research project, which studies ways of influencing the household energy consumption with the assistance of industrial design, in particular. The project studies consumers' needs and attitudes from a wide and deep perspective, aims at finding different consumer groups in terms of energy consumption, and offering them suitable, easy, good ways of using energy in a more efficient way than at the present. The ideas resulting from the research project can take the shape of products, services or media campaigns, for instance.

DESME (Designing Smart Energy) project is a cooperation project carried out by Muova (the Design Centre of Western Finland), Vaasa University research unit VaasaEMG, and Interactive Institute from Sweden. The project is mainly funded by Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation); moreover, 7 companies from Finland and abroad participate in funding the project. The total budget of the 2-year-project is about 438,000 €.

For more information, please contact:

Merja Pakkanen/ VaasaEMG
Tel. +358 (0)440 244 251
Email: firstname.lastname@vei.fi