Vaasa Energy Institute (VEI) arranges for the fourth time an Energy Day for students at Vaasa University on Wednesday, the 2nd of November 2011 at 10.30 - 15.00. Companies will present themselves at their stands in the entrance halls of restaurant Mathilda and scientific library Tritonia. Short company presentations will be held at Tritonia's auditorium Nissi.

Energy day magazine

You can read Energy Day 2011 magazine from here. You can find the Energy Day homepage (in Finnish) and the previous magazine by clicking here.

The meaning of energy day

Energy branch is a fast developing and versatile field of business that constantly needs new, skillful workforce. The branch offers a wide range of possibilities not just for technical experts, but to students of many study fields. In our event companies and students can find out what they have to give to each other.

The following companies and organizations are taking part in the event:

ABB, Adecco, ALSTOM Grid, BusinessChance -business idea competition, City of Vaasa - technical department, EnergyVaasa, Fortum, Kraft&Kultur, Lévon Institute, Mervento, Ramboll, Stormossen, Thermopolis,  Town of Kurikka, Town of Lapua, Vaasan Sähkö, Vaasa University, VAMP, VEI, VEO, VNT Management, Wapice and Wärtsilä.

Schedule for the event

10.30 - 15.00 Company stands in the entrance halls of Mathilda and Tritonia

11.00 - 12.40 Company presentations at Tritonias auditorium Nissi, part 1

13.00 - 14.40 Company presentations at Tritonias auditorium Nissi, part 2

Part 1, 11:00-12:40  Part 2, 13:00-14:40

11:00 Vaasan Energy Institute
11:10 VNT Management
11:20 Mervento
11:30 Alstom
11:40 ABB
11:50 University of Vaasa
12:00 Thermopolis
12:10 Kraft&Kultur
12:20 VEO
12:30 City of Kurikka


13:00 Levòn-institute
13:10 Wärtsilä
13:20 Wapice
13:30 EnergyVaasa + BusinessChance
13:50 Fortum
14:00 Adecco
14:10 VAMP
14:20 Ramboll
14:30 Vaasan Sähkö

Further information

Teemu Närvä
Publicity Manager
Vaasa Energy Institute
0400 817 006