A Cluster of Energy Experts

A significant part of the Finnish energy cluster operates in the Vaasa region. In addition to the many energy industry associated companies in the area, there is also diverse energy expertise in the local educational institutions. Vaasa Energy Institute (VEI) is a cooperation forum founded by three institutes of higher education that merges the knowledge and capabilities of the energy experts from Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, Novia University of Applied Sciences and University of Vaasa.

It forms a regional cluster of experts well positioned to address energy issues at all levels. VEI functions to offer energy research, development, consultancy and supplementary training services to energy actors at local, domestic and international levels. The expertise of the Energy Institute combines business and technical expertise in a unique manner.


The members of VEI are all located in close approximity with each other in Palosaari

The goals of Vaasa Energy Institute

By combining the expertise in the different institutes of higher education, VEI has emerged as a major actor in the Finnish energy sector. The strength of the Institute lies in its interdisciplinary nature and the international level of its research. The interdisciplinary nature emphasises practicality, economic usefulness, innovation and environmental commitment. The objective of the Institute is to continue networking both domestically and globally to increase its strengths. The vision of VEI is to continue developing as a major multi-disciplinary expert in the energy field by extending the expertise in the Vaasa region.

Areas of Emphasis

VEI focuses on present and future energy critical areas: Decentralised energy production, electric power systems, energy markets and energy self-sufficiency and society. Emphasis in these areas channel VEI's special expertise towards certain energy sectors important to Finland. By focusing its resources on these core competences, the Institute assures its leading role in developing energy industry expertise in the present and future. These areas of emphasis are the focus for the current research and development, consultancy and training programs of VEI.



Geoenergy research and development laboratory will be established next to the University of Vaasa in the near future. More information on Laboratories page

Research and development

Research and development focuses on the following areas: Biofuels and internal combustion engines, energy and the environment, energy markets, electrical engineering and energy technology. The research into biofuels and internal combustion engines focus on the production of biofuels and biogas, research on their properties and decreasing engine emissions.

Projects focusing on energy and environmental technology investigate possibilities for energy self-sufficiency, alternatives for sustainable energy supply and energy efficiency in buildings. The energy market research concentrates on marketing issues such as consumer behaviour and on energy market development. The research on electrical engineering and energy technology focuses especially on Smart Grids and microgrids, distributed energyresources, electric power system protection and automation along with wind power.


Consultancy is based on the research conducted by the Institute. VEI cooperates closely with the energy industry and the Institute's experts are available for different research and development projects. The goal is to help businesses with the challenges they face, in their areas of operation, where VEI has special expertise.


VEI offers technical training in Finnish, Swedish, and English. The training concentrates on electrical engineering and energy technology and it emphasises the principles of sustainable growth and preparation for the challenges of changing markets. The Institute organises training for its international customers and technical support personnel in cooperation with the electrical engineering laboratory. In addition, customised further training is provided for companies in the region.